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Magnum believes in delivering unlimited creativity that shapes the entertainment industry;
in a blend of professional and friendly manner.

About Us

As a brand-name, Magnum was conceived in 2010, derived from the Latin word "Magnus," which means great.

Magnum Opus' Latin meaning is "Great Work", usually meaning the greatest, most popular, pinnacle, or most renowned achievement of an artist, or composer. Or a "masterpiece" as defined by Urban Dictionary.

The logo and the beast remained penciled on paper, while popping up every now and then, until the founders met in 2012.

While filming one of the biggest productions in the Middle East, both founders were setting the lead role of Magnum, as it was always at the background pushing its way out to rock the industry.

In year 2015, the dream came true and the name idea was finally born. When both partners looked at the current situation of the cinema and drama industry in the region, they realized the need to get in and add a Game player in the market.

Magnum was built to exert the needed efforts and endeavor relentlessly to grow the art vision of cinema and drama.

We'll passionately excel to achieve a leading role in the Middle East to bridge the East and West art culture gap.


Rami Imam

Rami Imam

Rami Imam is an Egyptian director and Music Composer. Born in 1974, studied Theater and graduated from the American University in Cairo, in 1999. He then worked as a stage director, later joining his father Adel Imam in the hit play “Body Guard”.

Afterwards he started directing films, starting with “Amir El Zalam” (Prince of Darkness), and then “Hassan wa Morqos” and “Booha”. He also directed several television series.

The following renowned works of art are lists of Rami Imam's production records:

- The series “Ma2moun Wa Shorakah“ - 2016
- The series “Sa7eb El Sa3ada“ - 2014 - The series “El 3araf“ - 2013 - The series “Fer2et Nagy Attallah“ starring Adel Imam - Spot 2000 and Synergy production - 2012

- The series “Ayza Atgawez“ starring Hind Sabri - El shorouk and Tvision production - 2010
- “El 3eyada” (The Clinic) – a Final Cut and El Karma Production - 6 episodes in the TV sitcom – 2008
- “Klashenkof” (name of Russian weapon) starring Mohamed Ragab and Ghada Adel – Action, Adventure - 2007
- “Hassan And Morkos” (names of the 2 heroes in the movie) starring the 2 super stars Adel Imam and Omar Sharif – Comedy and Drama – 2008

- “1/8 Dastet Ashrar” (1/8 Dirty Dozen) starring Mohamed Ragab and Yasmine Abd El Aziz – Adventure and light comedy - 2006
- “Bouha” (name of the hero character) starring Mohamed Saad and May Ezz El Din - Comedy - 2005
- “Amir El Zalam’ (The Prince of Darkness) starring Adel imam and Sherine Seif el Nasr – Action Drama - 2002
- “Ghaby mennoh feeh” (Stupid Within) starring Hany Ramzy and Nelly Karim - Comedy - 2004

Hesham Tahssin

Hesham Tahssin

Hesham Tahssin a graduate from the American university in Cairo. He holds more than 18 years of marketing experience where he worked at multinational companies in 12 counties in the Middle East, North Africa & Eastern Europe.

Brands that Hesham Tahssin has worked on won over 18 regional & international awards in the field of digital marketing & advertising. In 2014 Hesham Tahssin won the honorary international award “The Internationalist” in a glamorous ceremony in New York City for being one of the top 100 most influential marketers in the world. He was the only Egyptian in the honored list.

Hesham Tahssin has been a judge in juries for regional & international marketing awards in both Dubai & London. He is also a keynote speaker in major marketing and digital media conferences in Dubai & Cairo.

Hesham Tahssin contributed in sealing sponsorship deals with some of the greatest football players in the world such as Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to that he managed promotional allies with one the best football clubs in the world such as FC Barcelona.

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns Hesham Tahssin worked on were associated with his partnering with international entertainment entities such as Universal Studios & Marvel Pictures, and some other international brands such as Visa & Pepsi Cola international.

Also his marketing campaigns with super stars Hend Sabry & Ahmed Ezz had a great successful popularity in the Middle East.

Hesham Tahssin worked on some famous brands such as KFC, Hardees, TGI Fridays, krispy kreme, Afia, & Gana. He earned many honorary awards from the international franchisors.

M&M Award. London, UK

3 Internationalist Awards. Newyork, USA

Effie Award

3 MENA Digital Awards

2 Lynx Awards


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